I was going in and out this morning carrying budgie seed, eggs, carrots for guinea pigs – all the usual stuff. And obviously one of those times the screen door didn’t catch.

As I was filling water bottles I heard cackling from a very strange direction – above my head! The budgie seed had enticed someone into the laundry and the door had swung shut behind her. I propped it open for the moment, but she took off deeper into the house, and I couldn’t get past her to all those tempting open doors.

When I was finished outside I checked each room, closing the doors and hoping she’d found the way out on her own. Alas, in the farthest corner of the house she was cowering under my desk. Which is better than the time I found chicken poo on my computer. I managed to get behind her and she took off in the right direction, and this is how I know chickens don’t do well on polished floorboards. About as well as chicks do in glass jars, come to think of it.

Luckily once I caught her the panicking stopped and she is safely back outside, telling everyone about her grand adventure. And the jar is out of the chick enclosure.



Imagine you have a little book shop or newsagency. It’s a relaxed, friendly place where people can have a look through your shelves and have a chat about the merchandise, or even ask your opinion. You are there not to make money, although that’s always nice, but because you love books and love sharing them with people. You like nothing more than curling up in the corner with a bookclub and discussing everyone’s favourites.

Now how would you feel if someone walked into your shop, and without even saying hello started handing out pamphlets for their bookshop down the street? If they are telling everyone about their competition or special deal they have on? If they were talking to you or your customers you could, possibly, argue that they are adding to your customer’s experience with you, but it’s a stretch. If they’re not even chatting? No question – it’s just rude.

The online version of your little bookshop is your blog or business Facebook page. Most of us have spent quite a while building it up. My main one has a reasonable number of ‘likers’ who have built up slowly through word of mouth. They ask questions or tell me about things they’ve done as well as commenting on my posts. When another business comes and leaves links to their events on my page, it is no different to the person handing out fliers.

It is spam.

In the off line world it would be unimaginably rude, and the online world is no different.

My Facebook pages are open to all. I love people to come and talk, to me or my readers, and share. I’ll even let you wear your uniform and logo while you’re there, so people can check you out if they’re interested. If I like you and think you have something interesting to my readers, I might let you put a link up on a special occasion if you ask nicely. If I really like you I might even recommend you to my readers and give you a link myself.

But that liking is going to be earned by showing me you have something of value to offer, by interacting with me and my community. Not by trying to steal my customers by advertising to them in my shop.

I’m nice enough to give people a chance but if you keep spamming my page, it will be deleted and you will be banned. Even if it comes with extra bacon.

spam with bacon


Lots of little Fluffy Butts!

April 27, 2012
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Our chicks are hatching! I’m not certain how many because I keep taking them down to the broody and the girls have brought a few back inside. Luckily she’s very accepting and chickens can’t count. I think there are around 25. Most of them are little yellow chicks as we expected, but there are a […]

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April 25, 2012

We checked the eggs in the incubator because it’s day 19 and found 11 already pipping It’s a fraction early, but I wonder if they have run out of room because they are mostly pullet eggs. There’s one large egg but it seems to have pipped at the wrong end. We could hear lots of […]

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Owning my Decisions

April 23, 2012
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I was resisting the urge to spill in the comments of Kelley’s post because I think that’s pretty rude. And then I realised I have my very own new blog where I can talk about that sort of thing, about how I am so angry with my daughter and want to curl into a ball and cry. […]

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Incubation Week 2

April 20, 2012

We’ve just candled the eggs at day 14, although no photos this time. There isn’t much to show, most of the shell is black because it’s full of chick. There were nice strong blood vessels in all except one, which is a great rate. I’d say that the slightly cooler weather is helping. It will […]

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Chicken Update

April 19, 2012

A quick update – Frizz the Araucana cross appears to have finished moulting and looks very pretty and glossy. The black chook, however, looks funny without her tail. Some of the pullet eggs are getting up to 50g, which is normal egg size. They still look tiny next to the hen eggs. One of our […]

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Chicken Ultrasound: Candling – Week 1

April 14, 2012
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The eggs in the incubator are a week old so we candled them to see how they are going. It’s not necessary, but it’s worth doing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if none of your eggs are developing you are wasting three weeks waiting! Secondly, if any have died then they start decomposing and […]

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Food just isn’t meant to be grey

April 11, 2012
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We have a young pullet from our mongrel rooster and one of the Araucana crosses who has a pea comb, which is linked with the blue egg gene. I’ve been waiting eagerly to see what she lays, and today she produced her first egg: Grey. I suppose you could be generous and call it greenish […]

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Where does charity begin?

April 9, 2012
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I‘m feeling very conflicted at the moment. An Australian blogger is in Africa with World Vision, others are promoting it, plus there’s Vicks campaign for Save the Children. I am not in any way, shape or form taking away from what they are doing, in fact I encourage you to take their advice, click Like […]

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